Our Story

A company with a passion for exterior design.

CCLM Spirit

Tony Grant began his journey with outdoor transformations over 30 years ago. His first project began with weed removal and maintenance at an Olympia apartment complex at the age of 8. He later began maintaining lawns at the ripe age of 13. Once all the essential ground work was laid, Tony expanded into framing houses, building decks and fences within the family business. With each opportunity Tony continued educating himself within the landscaping field. After several years of education and various projects, he successfully created and managed his own landscaping business. And because of his desire to grow and expand his horizon, Tony later purchased a another landscaping and tree service company, now known as Capital City Landscape Maintenance. With this he became one of the few “full service” landscaping companies in the area. And he now provides a large array of services ranging from landscape construction & maintenance to large tree removal projects. There typically isn’t an adventure too large or small that Tony will decline. He is always involved in every project and truly enjoys all challenges presented to him. He has surrounded himself with a cohesive and knowledgeable team of professionals to ensure each and every project is achieved with quality, and every customer’s desire is fulfilled. His vision to build the most respected and recognizable landscaping company around has undoubtedly placed all customers his top priority. Referrals are the backbone of the business, and as a result, CCLM continues to grow exponentially.